Желите да сарађујете с другима из Европе, али још немате одређену идеју?


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Додајте своју организацију у EPALE претраживање партнера да бисте уздигли свој профил и да би други сазнали да тражите да се укључите у паневропску сарадњу.

Савет: Додајте што је могуће више информација о својој организацији и врстама активности у које сте укључени да би вас други лакше пронашли.

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Our foundation is a public benefit organisation operating since 1999, with its headquarters in Szombathely, Hungary and its area of operation is the western border region of Hungary. The primary aim of its establishment and operation is to help people of different age groups to ...
Today, digitalisation is a key driver of economic competition, national development and social welfare. In Hungary, the digital economy accounts for 20% of the gross value added of the entire national economy and provides employment for almost 15% of the workforce. In terms of t...
Napjainkban a digitalizáció a gazdasági verseny, a nemzeti fejlődés és a szociális jólét egyik legfőbb hajtóereje. Magyarországon a digitális gazdaság a teljes nemzetgazdaság bruttó hozzáadott értékének 20%-át adja és a foglalkoztatottak csaknem 15%-ának biztosít munkát. ...
Hungarian Water Skyball Association (HWSBA) is an umbrella organisation of water skyball sport clubs in Hungary. HWSBA was founded in 2019 by 10 water skyball sport clubs. HWSBA represents and promotes the water skyball sport on national and international levels. The HWSBA annou...
Menhely Foundation is an NGO in Budapest with services for homeless people, social workers and the general public.  It plays a central role among homeless organizations in Budapest and Central Hungary. It's a pioneer in involving homeless clients in its work and especially aware...
Our association was founded for children and youth with special needsWe work with children and young adults, whose difficulties may have been presence since birth, or the result of an accident,or illness. We create individual treatment programmes to help them carry out their dai...