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ЕПАЛЕ - Електронска платформа за образовање одраслих у Европи


Желите да сарађујете с другима из Европе, али још немате одређену идеју?

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Додајте своју организацију у EPALE претраживање партнера да бисте уздигли свој профил и да би други сазнали да тражите да се укључите у паневропску сарадњу.

Савет: Додајте што је могуће више информација о својој организацији и врстама активности у које сте укључени да би вас други лакше пронашли.

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Регистрацијом своје организације на ЕПАЛЕ мрежи ћете моћи самостално да објавите да тражите партнера.

Пронађите најновије информације о томе како ЕУ подстиче политике образовања одраслих

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Privately owned English language school located in Dublin City Centre
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Dermot McSharry
Cork ETB is a driving force of education and training in Cork, providing high quality services which are innovative, responsive and inclusive. Through Cork ETB there is a pathway for every learner.
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Gerald Brennan
AONTAS is the National Adult Learning Organisation in Ireland. Founded in 1969, AONTAS is an independent non-governmental organisation with strong relationships with key public, private, and notfor-profit stakeholders across the education sector. Through research and advocacy...
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Ruby Cooney
Community Collaborator (Silver Member).
The student experience in CEC is unrivalled. At Cork English College we work with students from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, and we are passionate about ensuring our students have the best possible experience in both their studies and personal development. In CEC your ...
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Rob Nagle
Community Collaborator (Silver Member).
CDI is an Irish non-profit organisation that aims to break the cycle of child poverty in areas where it is most deeply entrenched by improving outcomes for children and young people.
Caesar Smith
💕❤ ❤ Is a vast-growing HUB validated by hundreds of academics (researchers, universities) and NGOs etc. . 💕❤ ❤ Through Local Development support, we assist organizations & universities, Young Leaders across Europe and Africa with planning their R&D activities to attra...