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Grundtvig project "Initial literacy in a social context" - a "success story"

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The Swedish coordinated Grundtvig project  "Initial literacy in a social context" has been selected as a "success story" by a panel of experts from the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission.

In line with the motto "Adult education: It is never too late to learn" this project is about literacy and basic skills training. It is significant that every learner should have access to adult education as their inherent right. This project mainly aimed at creating an opportunity to share the best practices in the field of adult literacy and basic skills training of disadvantaged learners who need to improve themselves socially and culturally and to transfer these practices into the home institutions and share them with the other local institutions. Via this project we wanted to provide illiterate people with the activities to better their literacy, lifelong knowledge and life skills. Thus, the principal aim of the project was to focus on the exchange of know-how of each partner institution and how they can educate the illiterate adult learners. We wanted to exchange best practices with others to form a sound body of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to integrate these socially and educationally disadvantaged learners into the society. Apart from the learner group, this project had made contributions to the professional competencies of the trainers and educational staff involved in adult education. As a result, different course materials and innovative techniques hade been compared and developed.

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Therese Lundgren et al.
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Hi! This looks very interesting, so I tried to access the project's web site, but the link leads me to a nonexistent page. Can you check, please? Thanks!

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Hi, Ewa, and thank you for responding. I got a warning that this page had been updated and came back to it today, but I'm afraid the link is still dead. A pity... It does seem like the web page no longer exists. If so, I'm afraid the resource is useless...

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