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Reforming Outcomes – A Review of Offender Education in Wales

Since 2009, the Welsh government has had responsibility for prison education and employment and ten years on, a report exploring the actions of the government has now been published. David Hanson MP was enlisted to carry out the report and his foreword explains that prison is not just a punishment, but also provides rehabilitation. A return to offending proves that the system has failed an individual and also the community they live in, making it essential to ensure that the right skills and qualification provision is provided.


Offenders must be able to harness basic skills, including literacy and numeracy, as well as more complex and specific skills that enable them to enter certain sectors and secure appropriate employment. The Welsh government and its prisons must provide adequate services in order to help them build their skills sets. They also have wider responsibilities concerning the health, wellbei8ng, housing and drug rehabilitation of the prison population.


The report is split into logical sections that explore the reasons for requesting the report; methodology; accountability structures; stakeholders; different services; education for women in prison; digital infrastructure; and conclusions. The report also details all its 22 recommendations, which include the Welsh government informing the prison population of labour market trends to allow them to make informed choices and holding regular meetings to engage stakeholders.


The report will be of use to anyone working in prison education.



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