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20 Mar

Digital brand of researchers

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Iryna Mihus

The development of professional competencies and skills in the use of information, communication and digital technologies in the scientific process is today a cornerstone of research activities in universities.
The openness of research results of scientists has significantly changed the requirements for their activities. First, the almost absolute openness of science stimulates not only the correct design of scientific profiles, but also their correct use. Secondly, it is necessary to confirm one's copyright on publications, and thirdly, scientific profiles serve for the best possible presentation of one's own scientific works in scientific ratings and international rankings of universities. Submission of publications for publication in open access scientific journals and conferences, their review and publication is of no less importance for modern scientists.

Event Details
As planned
Veb stranica događaja
Online type
Organiser type
Other event
Hybrid event
Entrance fee
20 euro
Registration capacity
Broj delegata
100 - 200
Ciljna grupa
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Kratkoročni i dugoročni ciljevi
The purpose of the course is to improve the brand of researchers in accordance with the requirements of digitalization
Očekivani ishodi (učenja)
Areas of professional development:
- development of professional competencies;
- use of information and communication and digital technologies in scientific activities
Recognition / certification of participation
According to the results of the training, participants receive a 3 ECTS certificate.
Themes addressed

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