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Erasmus+ mobility activities (Key Action 1)
Accredited KA120 school for adults in Mallorca looking for job-shadowing activities in institutions that can offer examples of good practices in the following fields: Environmental SUSTAINABILITY and DIGITALISATION, both regarding management and teaching process. DIGITAL and SOCIAL INCLUSION for adult learners under risk of social exclusion (migrants and refugees). Also willing to host similar institutions and establish long term cooperation, including staff and students mobilities. Post a comment or contact us at
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Erasmus+ Small-scale partnership (Key Action 2)
The program aims to empower organisations to sustainably support gender-inclusive-related work. It seeks to develop internal capacities that will enable organisations to promote and facilitate the continuation of the efforts towards fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.
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Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership (Key Action 2)
Ecece is looking for the last partner in the NoViolence at school project, The project aims at providing school teachers and students with strategies and methodologies knowledge and skills to implement nonviolent communication. Please send us your PIF and provide informations using this link:… and/or write us: Ecece team Alessandro Zeppelli
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Erasmus+ Small-scale partnership (Key Action 2)
We are an adult education centre and a research institute based in Edirne, Turkiye. Our organisation is entering Erasmus+ programme for the first time this year. We are interested in joining a KA2 small partnership with an experienced project leader. Our staff is dedicated and eager to learn new ideas and help develop new practices. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your KA2 project, please contact us! We offer courses and workshops on leathercraft, ceramic and glass technology, gastronomy, fashion design, couture, embroidery, decorative handicrafts (silk cocoon) and traditional Turkish arts such as Paper Marbling, Illuminating and Ornamenting Manuscripts, Ornamenting wooden items and furniture. Contact: Neslihan Niş
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