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Zainteresovani ste za saradnju s drugima iz cijele Evrope, ali još uvijek nemate određenu ideju?

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Dodajte svoju organizaciju u EPALE pretragu partnera da biste istakli profil i dali drugima do znanja da se želite uključiti u panevropsku saradnju.


Dodajte što više informacija o svojoj organizaciji i vrsti aktivnosti u koje ste uključeni da biste pomogli drugima da vas pronađu.

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Accredited KA120 school for adults in Mallorca looking for job-shadowing activities in institutions that can offer examples of good practices in the following fields: Environmental SUSTAINABILITY and DIGITALISATION, both regarding management and teaching processes. DIGITAL and S...
Euroteam Progetti is a team of consultants working in a network with other professionals in the field of training and consultancy for companies, public and private organisations. The ability to evolve and seize the opportunities offered by the market are important factors of com...
There is an association that focuses on promoting well-being among individuals through various means. They offer courses and training programs that aim to improve personal development and self-awareness. Additionally, they organize slow tourism trips that help people reconnect w...
AMAFE was created more than thirty years ago so that those who have had psychotic experiences, as well as those close to them, have a place where they can share their experiences without feeling judged. A space where they can grow and claim the rights of many people who still li...
The Adult Training Opportunities Network (ATON) has emerged from the ERASMUS+ CANLI project as a non-profit international association to support the international knowledge and practical exchanges, including training camps, in the field of environmental, social and commercial t...