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20 Apr

Building Career Management Skills - NICE Academy in Paris


NICE Academies provide advanced training for practitioners of career guidance and counselling. The 2021 Paris Academy will focus on the theme "Building Career Management Skills".

NICE Academies are highly practice-oriented. Through interactive keynote lectures, training workshops, and other community activities, we want to enable learning and networking at an international level.

Please find the detailed program and further information at

Event Details
As planned
Tip događaja
Professional development event
Web lokacija događaja
Organiser type
Other event
Organiser name
NICE Foundation, in cooperation with the University of Paris
Kontaktni detalji
Broj delegata
< 100
Ciljna grupa
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Adult learning networks & organisations
Obrađena tema
Ciljevi i zadaci
- Learning about innovative and effective practices in career guidance and counselling and how to apply them / train people to apply them
- International exchange of good practices in the academic training of career practitioners and in the practice of career guidance and counselling
- Critical reflection of theories related to career guidance and counselling in view of current practical challenges
- Building international networks of academics from different disciplines and career specialists as advanced practitioners of career guidance and counselling
- Development of joint educational projects for the future
Očekivani ishodi (učenja)
- Professional development of attending staff member in terms of (a) new practical skills and competences for the academic training of career practitioners / for the practice of career guidance and counselling, (b) exchange of specialised knowledge and experience with peers from across Europe, (c) enhanced proficiency in English
- Innovation of sending institutions’ degree programmes related to career guidance and counselling by adoption of good training practices into the curriculum
- Development of professional contacts between the two institutions for future projects and collaborative activities
Recognition / certification of participation
Attendees receive a certificate of participation
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