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Alternative Pro


Students will be transformed through :1.Discipline knowledge2.leadership3.Research, scholarly and creative activities4.Service-learning and civic and cultural competencies6.Health and wellnessVision , Mission & valuesTo teach and equip all Alternative Pro students to navigate the path from school to a career with clarity, competence, and confidence...Responsibility:Each person is empowered to take responsibility for his or her job and goals and be a positive contributor to services, goals, communication, and team dynamics. we have a shared responsibility and accountability to speak up and to take the initiative to maintain our team's strong foundation and also be a positive agent of change.Integrity:We act with integrity and honesty in the work we do, the people we interact with, and the decisions that we make. we are accountable to one another and to those whom we serveOpen-mindednessWe strive to continually learn, improve, adapt, evolve, and innovate in our services, communications, ourselves, and our relationships with a positive, open mind, and can-do attitude.



Courses for young women that can not frequent schools because of economic and social problems.

 , in rural zones of Albania, Kosovo, and North Maqedonia learning hairdressers, makeup, and beauty professional skills.

2.Courses for young people learning hostelry, accommodation, and tourism skills.

3.Courses of marketing and management learning for little businesses in a difficult time and during pandemics.

4. Charity and learning skills involving orphans in the cities of Shkodra, Lezha, Tirana, and Prizren.

5. The aim of the organization consists of supporting and developing the activities in the local areas where live Alabanian speaking people all over Balcan territories.

6. Earning national and international level education skills, in these areas using free time, cultural, social, and volunteering practice.

7. Alternative Pro develops democratic dialogue, education for his students in EU standards, collaborating with partners all over the world for better learning performance.

8. Our trainers are very professional and experienced in formal and nonformal education.

9. Alternative Pro has organized a lot of beauty events to engage young people in a better knowledge of art, beauty, and fashion.

10. Our target group is young people from 15 to 30 years old.

11. The organization consists of 5 main members or managers,15 youth workers, and 100 members volunteers.


Organisation Details
Oblast aktivnosti / interesovanja
Organisation specialised in learning or career guidance
Adult education provider

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