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The Role of Digital Technology in The Socialization of Older People: A Study on Digital Elderly

Digital technology plays an important role in socializing older individuals. With the help of technology, older individuals have the capacity to increase their quality of life in everyday life. Older individuals are increasingly trying to adapt to innovations in technology, and the rate of use of technology is increasing day by day. However, they also face many obstacles to the use of technology, along with the physical and mental changes brought by age. The study aims to conduct a theoretical discussion on how digital technology affects the lives of older individuals. Therefore, the process of accepting, using and adapting technological products of older people with changes and developments in technology is of sociological importance. In this context, the study focuses on how older individuals use digital technology in the socialization process, adapt to it and integrate this technology into their lives, based on the concepts of age, socialization, and digital technology. Accordingly, older individuals who encounter digital technology in the final stages of their lives are concerned about the use of technology, but digital technology facilitates their daily lives in everything from communication to health problems, helps them live an independent life and have an active ageing period

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