Avrupa'daki diğer kişilerle iş birliği yapmak istiyorsunuz ancak henüz belirli bir fikriniz yok mu?

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Görünürlüğünüzü artırmak ve diğer kullanıcılara Avrupa ülkeleriyle iş birliği yapmak istediğinizi duyurmak için kuruluşunuzu EPALE İş Ortağı Arama aracına ekleyin.

Önemli ipucu: Başkalarının sizi bulmasına yardımcı olmak için kuruluşunuz ve faaliyet gösterdiğiniz alanlar hakkında olabildiğince fazla bilgi ekleyin.

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The University of Life Sciences in Lublin is a remarkable place with over 65 years of teaching tradition, where students gain skills and knowledge that will enable them to successfully enter their professional life in the future. As a multi-profile University, it integrates agri...
Our mission is to promote mutual sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice among relevant stakeholders to achieve progressive changes in the field of ex-prisoners reintegration into society and renewal of relationships distorted by history of crime. 
İzmir, the second biggest economy in Turkey, is also a crucial port city the western coastline of country, on the route of Ancient Silk Road, which interlinks Asia and Europe. İzmir Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1885 and has more than 85 thousand members, mostly SMEs oper...
Founded in 1922, the Transylvanian Museum of Ethnography is the first ethnographic museum in Romania. Having a collection of 100.000 artefacts, the institution has the mission to preserve, research and capitalize the cultural heritage in Transylvania (Romanian historical and geo...