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Strategic Consultation On Technology In Teaching And Learning Report

The consultation, which was commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation and undertaken by Coralesce Ltd, a curriculum development and project management agency, encompassed 10 face-to-face focus groups held at various venues across the country, two online focus groups, three Twitter chat sessions and an online survey.

Almost 270 participants from 147 different organisations were involved in the month-long consultation. Participants were drawn from a range of providers including general FE Colleges, Entrepreneurial Colleges, Specialist Colleges for students with learning difficulties and disabilities, Sixth Form Colleges, Local Authority Adult and Community Learning, Prison Education, TUC Unionlearn, Work based Learning, Employer-led Skills Academies and voluntary sector community organizations.

The consultation was commissioned by the Foundation to explore what more can be done to support whole organization and cross-sector approaches to embedding learning technologies and e-learning in the education and training sector.

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The Education and Training Foundation and Coralesce Ltd
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