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Our cultural heritage - a European resource to share

The cultural heritage of Europe, both tangible and intangible, is our common wealth.

An irreplaceable and valuable resource for economic growth, employment and social cohesion, the Knowledge Base enriches the lives of hundreds of millions of people and contributes to the feeling of belonging within the community. But for too long, the current debate on our cultural heritage has only been held in the language of experts, which has confined its audiences to those already aware of it, and has put its transmission to future generations at risk.

In the context of the ERASMUS+ Heritage Interpretation & Innovative Practices (HIIP) - [2015-1-FR01-ka104-014681] project, 63 participants - stakeholders in their region's cultural heritage - from 21 cultural, tourist and social structures based in Nouvelle Aquitaine were able to be trained in new, more sensory, more creative and more interactive practices with the adult public, using 114 mobilities carried out in 11 member countries of the European Union (Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece).

The HIIP project allowed both the structures and the participants to experiment and adopt a more appropriate and more responsive approach, based on profiles of their adult publics and to co-build a better interpretation of their region's cultural heritage with them in a call for greater creativity, interaction and dialogue. HIIP will give daily inspiration to our work of cultural and heritage mediation, with and through residents in our regions, and will contribute actively to 2018 - European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The final report on our mobility, the statement of its competence and the comic strip "Edinburgh / MONARASMUS" illustrate the innovative and very inspiring aspects of our project.

Videos of testimonies from our beneficiaries are available here:

We thank the European Commission and ERASMUS+ France for their help and support.

Translation (French to English) : EPALE France

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