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Northern Lithuania College


Northern Lithuania College (NLC) is a functional part of Lithuanian Non-government Organizations (NGO), rapidly developing informal education system, social, psychosocial, sociocultural and communal activities and services, as well as socially relevant public events, such as  public discussions and other social events, as well as research organizing services. 

Northern Lithuania College provides accredited and high quality public services to such social groups as children, youth, senior citizens, families, the unemployed, and to other socially vulnerable people, etc.

NLC has gathered a lot of experience in informal education, varying from civic education, informational literacy, personal finance management to equal rights education (ex.: based on sex, age, etc.), ecologically sustainable behavior, communication skills, entrepreneurship, the well-being of families, and interinstitutional cooperation.

NLC is intensively developing projects and their activities and has compiled experience in international Erasmus+ projects. Over the last few years our organization has successfully implemented over 20 projects, funded by various sources.

NLC is operating on a local, as well as an international level. We pay a lot of attention to cultural cooperation and the development of partnership networks, as well as implementing social innovations and developing opportunities for volunteering. 


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