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Say No to Substance!

The main objective of the project was to increase the competence of youth workers in preventing addiction.
Specific objectives of the project were:
To inform youth workers about counseling for adolescents and addiction illness and monitoring young people at risk.
To reduce trial, start and use rates of drug in partner regions.
To teach youth workers ways of early intervention in risk groups.
To increase cooperation between local and transnational institutions on substance addiction prevention.

KA105, Erasmus+ project funded by EU and Turkish National Agency

Within the scope of our project, youth workers were informed about addiction, counseling adolescents and monitoring young people at risk, and learned how to intervene in risk groups early. When they returned to their countries by increasing their competence in monitoring young people at risk, they became a guide to the young people in their countries and acted more consciously against the young generation to the point of addiction. In our project, our participants learned the ways of early intervention to risk groups and started to raise awareness among young people in their institutions.

After returning to their country, youth workers gave a 3-month training to the youth at risk in their local area. With this training, the youth gained the ability to say no to addictive substances in their own environment and started to set an example for their peers. With our project, which seeks to raise awareness among young people at an early age and to find ways to fight addiction, the rates of trying, starting and using substance use among young people will begin to decrease. In addition, cooperation between youth workers, local and transnational institutions increased in the project and the participants planned future collaborations. In this way, cooperation between local and transnational institutions on the prevention of substance addiction has increased.

Thanks to youth workers and the young people they will work with, the danger of the young generation at risk of becoming addicted to drugs will decrease in the short term, and the number of young people who are addicted will decrease in the long run.

In addition, thanks to intercultural learning and friendships, prejudices against different cultures have been broken, tolerance towards differences has been increased, and a more peaceful EU society has been contributed. So much so that individual friendships and ties have been established in addition to the established collaborations, and a bond has been formed between EU youth not only institutionally but also individually.





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