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EPALE Community Conference Day 1 Live Streaming

Digital Learning & Skills: Managing change, embracing transformation. Watch the first day of the EPALE Community Conference on 6th October 2020!

Digital Learning & Skills: Managing change, embracing transformation.

Watch on this page the live streaming of the first day of the EPALE Community Conference on 6th October 2020 starting at 10 am (CEST).


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The key in games as expert trainers is iteration and the easiness to overcome errors. There are constant checkpoints where to continue without having to go all the way to the beginning of the process if one fails. This encourages the players to try and fail over and over again. In many games the controlled characters even gain experience points which often also go hand in hand in how well the player's experience and gaming skills develop in the game. 
In comparison to regular school methods, where one simply studies for weeks or months for a single exam, the contrast is vast. Could this kind of a checkpoint and iterational thinking be gamificated into education as well?
Kristian Haaga
Master of gaming studies from the University of Tampere Finland
Project Coordinator in Livia
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The skill-cap, the shortage between a learner and objectives/goals to learning outcomes should be identified to deliver content, which motivates learners to learn. We have tested AI –tools in Finland to identify such a skill-cap. The trainer needs technical and structural assistance as well as communication skills to design and perform the implementation online the way it motivates learners. Is there any common and public (free of charge) European-wide knowledge base available for such support not only tools but also services available for the whole educators’ community?
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We had the same experience in providing courses to immigrants. However, our government actively forbade providing these course online, saying that these not meet the condition of supporting integration into society and culture learning, What was your experience in this regard and what would you recommend for future design of courses for immigrants? Thanks, Toni from Slovenia
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For example the case of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa Development of Training and Development Department that, during the pandemic provides digital sessions to all, through several platforms to help adult in continuing education and continuing their digital skills learning. To reach those who are in some way isolated through digital inclusion.
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Inmates have been one of the most excluded groups, not only for their own circumstances, but also because online teaching is not possible. Has anyone worked with this target group?
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I work with elderly people in sheltered accommodation and now run a bi monthly tenants coffee morning, My main role is to run activities but the main barriers we have is the fact that they are unable to use Zoom and we cannot meet with them to teach them. Has anyone met with these barriers and how have you overcome it.
We can digitilize but with the pandemic, how do we support access?
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I agree with Maria Manuel Mano Casal Ribeiro. The intensive A.I. use cannot be accessible to citizens of less IT developed countries. The digital inclusion should be applied in equal terms across the world.
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To Donald . I agree with the colleague from Spain. 2 problems essentials : First access. In our countries (even in mine France) there is inequality to access. In some places, bad accesses and bad conditions at home to have disponibility of spirit. The second problem is how to create new methods based on AI to put the learner in the center of the learning process.
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