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Handbook of ICT course with elements of genealogy (16 lesson scenarios + instructions)

The handbook was created as a result of cooperation between partners from 3 countries: Turkey, Poland and Italy within the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships "Learning Tree" project. Its main objective was to educate older people in the field of ICT and genealogy was used as a motivation in the project. Seniors, as people with many years of life experience, are somehow predestined to cultivate family ties and family traditions and the memory of past generations. Using this dependence, the Learning Tree project has designed computer courses based on 4 modules: (1) basic computer skills, (2) basic Internet skills, (3) creating a family tree using a computer, (4) creating a family tree using mobile applications (introduction). The course teaches how to work with text and images, how to use an Internet search engine, introduces the principle of safe moving around the Internet, as well as searching genealogical databases. It also includes elements of using social networking sites and forums offering support, as well as learning how to create family trees.

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Mustafa Çelik, Ewa Jurczyk-Romanowska, Kacper Manikowski, Grzegorz Mendyka, Anna Ptak, Anita Sarno, Hasan Yüce
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