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CRN is looking for entreprises for traineeships

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Centro de Formación en Electricidad, Electronica y Aeronáutica. CF Leganés (CRN).

We are a Professional Training Center, an Official Public Professional Training Center for the Province of Madrid. “CRN Move to student mobility KA102 Project” that works inside the framework of the Erasmus + Program, allows us to organize mobility grants for our students of Certificates of Professionalism.

Specifically, in this case, the beneficiaries of this program would be the students selected from five of the Certificates of Professionalism held at our Center:

  • Fmeh0109 machining (level 2)
  • Elem0311 installation and maintenance of industrial automation systems (level 2)
  • Elem0110 project development of industrial automation systems (level 3)
  • Elem0210 management and supervision of installation and maintenance of industrial automation systems (level 3)
  • Imaq0108 maintenance and mechanical assembly of industrial equipment (level 2)

We are looking for enterprises in order our students could perform traineeships. The project allows us to offer tree grants of 120 days long (approximately), and the company does not assume any type of expense, since according to the rules of the call:

  • The accommodation and travel management is the responsibility of the candidate who will be supported by the Training Center.
  • The management, contracting and signing of the insurance will be carried out by our Training Center.
  • The scholarship includes an economic endowment for each participant as individual aid for lodging and transport costs.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Doing traineeships in companies in another European country with a specific training objetive. 
  • Improving the professional, personal and linguistic competence of the participants.
  • The participants would become true European citizens, increasing their possibilities of Job Placement.
  • The activities could start from January to December 2020.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at ssl7@madrid.org or cf.elecyaeronautica@madrid.org for further information.

You can visit our web page https://elecyaeronautica.centrosdeformacion.empleo.madrid.org/


Partnership Details
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tis, 06/30/2020 - 01:00
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