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Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale


At ENTD we are all specialist with same values.

The goal is to transfer to citizens, businesses, entrepreneurs, educators and all the People who have a social responsibility, the culture of change and the collaborative spirit with solid ethical and professional foundations and digital, deep & soft skills.

When a Team of People is so Crazy that thinks that can change the World, just That People are The Ones Who DO. After doing project all around the World for many years, in July 2018, a group of specialists, Project Manager, Data Scientist, Strategist, Sociologists and other leading figures decided to do something for Italy, if there was the full awareness of undertaking a fight against windmills, walls and obstacles. That group of people knew that the arrival in Italy of the fourth industrial revolution, although late, would break many balances, weakened caste and lobbies. Those people have found so much ostracism but never demolished, even in the face of censorship and attacks. Only now, reforms and change are in place, and not by the proclamation of someone but by the depletion of all social classes and the arrival, in Italy delayed, of Industry 4.0 and now also of the Pandemic of Covid19. Resilience is beginning to enter our DNA. Reality has driven people to react from their latent capacity, never and always suppressed. Lobbies lose power, escapes begin. The silent struggle against the windmills is over, now you can start planting. That group, will continue to help young people, professionals, and those who have the strength and the will to invest in Italy and Europe and the country itself. 

That group of people founded the NGO no profit association National Authority of Digital Transformation. ( Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale)

The National Authority of Digital Transformation manage these programs:

  • - Peace and Reconciliation
  • - Ethical Trendsetting
  • - Economic Growth
  • - Education and Ethics
  • - Ecosystem Restoration
  • - Justice and Human Rights
  • - Digital Literacy and Digital Divide
  • - Research and Development
  • - Construction of inclusive governance systems

Purposes Fields:

  • - Charitable
  • - Educational
  • - Scientific
  • - Innovation


Forecasting - We don’t wait

  • – Initiative Matching Digital skills and Social Needs for today’s job market
  • – Matching Digital skills for the future of work
  • – Active labour market policies
  • – Address Digital skill shortages
  • – Facilitate job/career transitions

Policy Making - We have to write Future

  • – Design training programmes on Digital Skill to activate unemployed
  • – Inform job search decisions of unemployed
  • – Inform decisions on course funding/provision

Projects and programs - We are Maker not Talker

  • - Enable strategic business and governance decisions
  • - Due Diligence
  • - Regulatory Compliance
  • - Analysis, Impact assessment, Design and Implementation of International programs to improve the living conditions of all people in the world

Our values “In every sector what gives continuity is the power of the community understood as a sense of belonging, sharing of values and objectives. In Italy as in Germany, China or USA, it doesn't matter, we need the ETHICAL UNLOCKDOWN, a restart based on values, skills and cohesion that go beyond the contingency of COVID19. People will have to learn to discern the useful from the useless, the instrumental from the ethical, the true from the false. Real awareness, the daughter of a culture that is starting to feed on new approaches and techniques, is a prerequisite for the use of digital tools and dynamics. The use of technology itself, without awareness, adaptive methodology and in the presence of multiple and multiform forms of resistance locks the processes of change PRESIDENT'S STATEMENTToday Our NGO is growing rapidly, with over 110 hundred projects completed, dozens of on-going projects, and several new opportunities, to date our approach is successful.” - develop a training system that accompanies children from birth to their normal integration into the world of work and society. - apply solutions based on Gamification, the perception of feedback generated by the reaction / action principle and a constant comparison with study, work and life paths of other countries. - create Learning management systems and remote communication systems of a type different from those present on the market, or ad-hoc systems to deliver through specific methodologies personalized paths based on the contexts and cultural substrate of the learners. - create Integrated Systems and services provided in Server / client mode, advanced Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and Data Driven Communication as integral, adjuvant, harmonious and synergistic but not primary elements, capable of tracing the lifetime of contents, the effectiveness of the methodologies, the learners, the teachers and feed permanent plans of Marketing Automation - carry out personal and professional retraining plans for people through experiential recognition of knowledge and skills through badging campaigns without ever making them lose credibility. Our Framework After an analysis of multiple aspects brought to light by COVID-19, it is believed that the polarization due to the sharing of ethical values, passions and common intentions is the pivotal point from which to start creating systems in Italy, Europe and the world. balanced organizational. These foundations create the conditions for each individual person to have a greater specific weight within society. Each person should be able to decide their own path following their own attitudes in total freedom to self-fulfill. To have this specific weight in decisions, it is necessary to create basic cultural coordinates in all people, which give the possibility to understand the scenario in which one moves. The fear of breaking the balance pushes us to find more complex ways. The human body must be in balance, the ecosystem that hosts us must be in balance together with people. The planet, in fact, cannot change, but people must and can. We must not break the existing equilibrium, we must only manage those who have excessive forcing to be replaced by others, without punishing or penalizing anyone. It is therefore necessary to start a Phase Zero, only in this way can the individual as a person and as an expression of a community be able to express their value. Our immediate Goals - Develop new organizational systems in every area and phase in which a human being places himself in space / time during his life cycle both in virtual and in real life. - Grow others within a company based on: healthy values, knowledge, information, training and professionalism in acting, so as to eliminate even the last bastions of an unbalanced system. In fact, awareness reduces the distances between people and the centers of power, as well as resizing the space for action that they have. - Improve the quality and effectiveness of education and training. High quality education and training systems, which are both effective and fair, are essential to ensure the success of a country and to enhance employability. How to achieve Goals

  • - Permanent training schools for teaching the construction of organizational systems. The latter must be based on inclusion by interaction, spontaneous involvement and polarization based on ethics, professionalism, values, technologies and contexts.
  • - International technological poles of transversal and applied digital civic education. Real centers of cultural exchange and vision.
  • - Highly specialized schools of sectoral digital ethical innovation for educators, students and citizens.
  • - Well-balanced organizational systems for citizens. These systems must involve everyone regardless of age, social class, cultural class, ethnicity. People must not be left behind regardless of their role within the company itself, skills, talents, abilities and attitudes recognized in a formal and informal way or not recognized because they are silent, always without a stage.
  • - Facilitating technologies for achieving goals in contexts in which humans need to express their digital being.
  • - Training and operational paths to reduce social inequalities.
  • - Inclusive processes through interaction thanks to immediate feedback and against the reiteration of habit, in order to encourage a gradual growth in the propensity for change.
  • - Establishment of broad spectrum ethics and technical committees, characterized by the presence of open and transparent channels of interaction towards citizens and professional categories of any kind.
  • - Definition of personal and professional growth paths to be applied on a national scale. Especially in areas where resistance to change is evident and a difficulty in finding rules and best practices.


Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche, MIUR: CAR62889XAF
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