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Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Abo Akademi University


Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) is an internationally acknowledged research university with an extensive responsibility for providing education in Swedish in Finland. The activities cover research and education in most disciplines from the humanities, pedagogics and theology to social sciences, natural sciences and technology.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Åbo Akademi University and Novia University of Applied Sciences has a staff of 80 employees planning, designing, custom-making and arranging courses and training for different groups of adult learners.


CLL is in charge of lifelong learning and adult education arranged by ÅAU. CLL offer continuing education for different occupational groups, Open University education and staff training. Around 8,500 people participate in the lifelong learning activities offered by CLL every year. About 25% of the courses arranged by the Open University are online courses, attended by 2,000 students. The aim of the activities by CLL is high level of quality and efficiency in learning environment and outcome for adult learners.


CLL has broad experiences of international cooperation and interaction with the surrounding society and of development projects for some 20 years. The experience in managing and executing extensive international cooperation varies from the European Social Fund, several Interreg programs to projects financed by the Lifelong Learning program (Erasmus, Grundtvig and Leonardo).

CLL has a strong international focus in activities, aiming at developing international networks and partnerships, in order to constantly improve the quality of work done and to enhance lifelong learning and adult education within AAU by international cooperation and projects.

Several international projects during recent years have focused on improving pedagogical tools, enhancing learning outcome and validation of prior learning, and lately on the use of new technologies and digital media in education. CLL has strong emphasis on using new technology in education in order to offer better courses and improve the availability of adult education. CLL has offered online courses for 15 years and is constantly improving the skills of the staff within using new technology in education and e-learning. CLL has a long and successful history in participating in several various European projects, and owns the professionalism, which experiences have brought into the organization. 

CLL is engaged in project activities mainly developing and promoting:


  • wellbeing at work by developing work processes and leadership

  • integration and employment of people with foreign background by promoting diversity in working life

  • innovations and climate-smart energy solutions

  • lifelong guidance competencies

  • sustainable development, climate adaption and cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

  • competencies of the staff within the social and health care services

  • research and local development activities related to the archipelago
  • cross-sectoral collaborations and guidance service for youth

Each year about 3,000 teachers attend teacher training arranged by CLL. Some current topics for the teacher training are pedagogically enhanced teaching by use of digital media, improved digital literacy among teachers, use of mobile devices in class-room, video production and flipped classroom as learning method etc. CLL is arranging annually about 150 courses for this target group. 


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