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Cross Analysis of Educational, Vocational Training, and Skills Accreditation Institutions

"The Cross Diagnostics system consists in analyzing the process of assessment and certification of learning outcomes of trades with SFMQ profiles in educational, vocational training and skills validation institutions. Cross-diagnoses do not focus on the education and training process. Specifically, a team of two diagnosticians, one from the General Service of Education Inspection, the other of vocational training or validation of skills, go on site in an educational institution, a vocational training or skills validation center to collect information enabling them to establish a diagnosis of the evaluation and certification process implemented. To carry out their mission, the diagnostician make use of tools built and approved by all the partners of the device. In particular, they must undergo training, adhere to a code of ethics, apply a diagnostic reference system and use a diagnostic report template. More information is available in the presentation folder below:

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Sitto CAN, Centre de coordination et de gestion des programmes européens Coordonnatrice du dispositif "Diagnostics croisés d'établissements d'enseignement, de formation professionnelle et de validation des compétences" Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
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