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Promoting adult learning in the workplace

The role of the Education and Training Working Group on Adult Learning 2016-2018 was to identify policies that promote and support workplace learning of adults, covering: - adults struggling with reading, writing, making simple calculations and using digital tools; - adults with medium skills in need of up-skilling. This report presents the outcomes of its work. It identifies key messages for policy development along with case studies to inspire new thinking. For all adults, learning in the workplace could be an alternative route to obtaining higher level, or more relevant, skills to equip them better to confront the emerging challenges associated with mega-trends such as automation, digitalisation and globalisation. As adults spend a large share of their time in the workplace, the workplace is an important learning environment; it is the place to develop not only job-related skills but also basic and transversal competences that make people more resilient to changes in their career and life. For all these reasons, the Working Group believes that promoting adult learning in the workplace needs to become a political priority and be translated into concrete actions

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