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Analysing social investment policies across Europe

The European Social Policy Network has published a thematic report on social investment policies across Europe: Social Investment in Europe - A study of national policies at the request of the European Commission.

A social investment approach has been given more emphasis in recent years due to the impact of the economic crisis and with many countries implementing austerity policies to reconcile increasing demands and decreasing budgets. The report found two clusters of countries with different social investment approaches. The first cluster (AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, FI, FR, IS, LI, NL, NO, SE, SI) groups 13 countries where social investment approaches are more established. The second cluster (CY, ES, HU, IE, LU, MT, PL, PT, UK) includes 9 countries, which show increasing awareness and have started to adopt parts of a social investment approach. The cluster with a more established approach tends to maintain and expand institutional ties across various policy fields, notably when responding to pressing social issues. In contrast, the cluster with a comparatively poorly established approach develops social investment with more isolated elements.

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European Social Policy Network
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