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 “Octav Bancila” National College of ARTS is a vocational school of arts providing academic education as well as training in arts skills to 1400 pupils who wish to prepare for a higher artistic education and careers in the following profiles:

 -Visual arts: painting, restoration of painting, graphic design, sculpture;

-Architecture and  industrial design;

-Ballet dancing;

-Music: musical instruments and classical canto;

-Theatre performance;

Starting with the primary school and ending with the Bacalaureat diploma, on the basis of European recognized values, our school aims to give our pupils the skills and knowledge they will need in society and in their further studies. Our school is one of the pioneering art schools in Eastern Romania. Due to the school location in the centre of the city,  our pupils come from all the boroughs and reflect the diverse social composition of our whole community. We also welcome  30 students who come from Republic of Moldova, helping them to adjust to our school system and assimilate quickly into the European life.

We have a high number of pupils  whose parents either  work abroad - and the pupils are taken care of by their grandparents or other relatives - or, they came back from abroad after having spent some  years in another country and having attended school there, and  we help them to (re)integrate in our school and society; some of these pupils face identity problems throughout the integration process, and we are here to help them find themselves and gain a cultural knowledge that will enable them to accomplish their citizenship in the European dimension. We definitely help all pupils using different approaches to reinforce their individuality and improve their self esteem,  and eventually find their place in the European society.

 Over the last years and mostly since we entered the European Union,  we’ve  been involved in European projects that have improved our school quality. In order to give our school a wider perspective of the European cultures, we would like to get involved in  more projects and we aim to share good practice and experience with our partners. As art embraces understanding, empathy and thirst of knowledge, our objectives for projects  are:

• to develop the ability of speaking foreign languages and to use them in an active context with our partners; to develop our students’ and teachers’ awareness of the importance of  contributing to the improvement of their own education;

• to build a new perspective of the school program - based on the entrepreneurial premises of all levels and approaches of feedback, -to make children acquire an European perspective of study and work and the European citizenship;

• To make our pupils aware of the cultural values we have in our community and make them proud of our heritage, so that they will share this knowledge with the partner   students;

• to get information about the culture of other countries, about their creativity,  about the everyday life of the pupils, to affirm the gifts and challenge the potential of each student;

• to make new friends across Europe, to try to fit in our school  programme all good things we learn from our partners.

• to make students and teachers improve, test and use ICT in a wider context;

• to do integrated and cross-curricular class work with partner teachers and students.

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