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Mathematics and games

Mathematics and games

Results of the European Erasmus + project Math-GAMES on motivational teaching in the field of mathematical basic education

This innovative teaching material is intended for all lecturers who are active in the area of ​​basic education (especially in the area of ​​arithmetic learning). The focus is on the use of games to teach individual topics of mathematical basic education with more motivation.

Among other things, a specially developed Math-GAMES methodology and the short curriculum "Calculating learning in adult education" are presented. Practical exercises are described and reflected to fit the materials exactly for adult education.

The materials and content were developed and tested in the European Erasmus + Project Math- GAMES. The Math-GAMES Compendium and the Math-GAMES manual can be found in 9 European languages ​​(EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, VA, RO, BG, EL) from the complete and informative website with materials that can be used in the classroom as free download as PDF. In these materials 33 European games are described and their basic motivation is taught mathematics. An innovative, helpful project for adult education. Due to the multitude of languages ​​and examples, it can be used in many parts of Europe.

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978-3-89697-800-4 (Compendium in EN), 978-3-89697-810-3 (Guidebook in EN)
Roland Schneidt (Editor)
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