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"Pedagogy+Androgogy= Lifelong Learning" Project of Sincan Adult Education Center, Turkey

The KA104 project called "Pedagogy+Androgogy= Lifelong Learning" has been realized successfully. During the project, 10 teachers/trainers attended the training course in Germany and 10  teachers/trainers attended a training course in the Netherlands about the Androgogic Methodology. 

The titles of the training courses are below: 

- Teachers' education, qualifications, competencies, in-service training

- The historical development of the andragogic education approach.

- The main differences between pedagogy and andragogy.

- Subjective Learning

- The importance of self-perception

- Experiences, readiness to learn

- Overview of time and adaptation to learning

- Experiential Learning

- The role of the educator in adult education

- Learning to learn

- Productivity, Deepening in Relevance

- Learning Atmosphere

- Creating a Proper Learning environment

- Physical environment, personal environment, organizational environment, deciding of proper techniques and materials

- How to get over boredom, complexity, disturbance, and fear

Physical environment, individual environment, organizational environment, selection of method techniques and materials.

- Expectations of trainees from education, the contribution of trainees to the training program.

- Use of humor, daily life, and social activities in adult education.

- Role of educator in adult education, creation of life interest, goal setting.

- Creating a secure environment, ensuring participation.

- Using the feedback of the trainees, using of course breaks.

- Methods of Overcoming Learning Barriers.

- Overcoming boredom and complexity problems of the subjects.

- Overcoming the problems of disturbance and fear.

- Coping with the barriers related to home life, external barriers, and personal barriers.

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