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Green technology and its effect on the modern world

The background of this thesis is to give the reader knowledge about green technology. However, the reader should know about the past, present as well as the potential future beforehand.This thesis was completed using applied knowledge on green IT as well as user oriented design with a focus on planned obsolescence, and used literature research methods.The main sources are from web pages due to the contemporary nature of this topic. The goal of this thesis is that it will hopefully give the reader information about an obscure topic that is often not talked about. I have concluded that electronic waste is a much bigger problem than most people realize, but there is still hope for the environment and things are within an individual's control. The reader will be given a background about technology to see why things are the way they are. Secondly, they will read the history to understand our growing dependency on oil, coal, and other pollutants. Following the history of technology is the history of green technology and what ideas have prospered or failed. There are important certifications and standards for products that the user can choose to buy, this will help the reader live a greener lifestyle with more informed decisions. The second half of this thesis will inform the reader of the effect on the environment, planned obsolescence, and sweatshop labor. The reader will see that these seemingly completely different things are in fact, actually connected and trigger each other. The final part of this thesis offers the reader potential solutions that can be applied in individual homes. If the individual wants to expand on being greener to where they work, they are able to do that as well. Next, modular technology is featured because I believe that it offers a viable solution. Since humans will not suddenly stop being consumers, modular technology offers a somewhat guilt free way of updating or customizing your technology

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Susan Mueller
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