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Take part in the Europeana #edTech Challenge

The Europeana #edTech Challenge is a funding opportunity for entrepreneurs, developers, designers and educators who explore digital opportunities for education and training.

Europeana is offering €30,000 for the best products, services or businesses that bring together digital cultural heritage and educational technology. Individuals and teams of creatives from around the world are invited to send their applications before 28 February 2018.

Eligible proposals include but are not limited to digital applications, games, web services, learning software, etc. Europeana accepts proposals at various stages of maturity, including those for existing applications and educational platforms that the creator would like to develop further with Europeana content.

To learn more, read the Challenge terms and conditions.

You can also follow the challenge on Twitter using the hashtags #EuropeanaChallenge and #EuropeanaEdTechChallenge

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