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Nordic Economic Policy Review - Labour Market Integration in the Nordic Countries

"Issues related to asylum seekers, refugees and migration in general have been at the core of the political and media debate in the Nordic countries for some time. Severe and long-lasting conflicts put millions of people on the move, on routes and by means endangering lives and creating humanitarian distress. Increased pressure on immigration systems and authorities create a need for international collaboration but also uncover conflicts of interest and increase tensions between countries and political camps and views. Public opinion combined with pressure on reception systems cause rapid and dramatic shifts in policies in some countries, further affecting the conditions for the migrants and for implementing agencies." (Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2017)


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978-92-893-4936-9 (PDF)
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Bernt Bratsberg; Oddbjørn Raaum and Knut Røed; Olof Åslund; Anders Forslund and Linus Liljeberg; Matti Sarvimäki; Marie Louise Schultz-Nielsen; Hans Grönqvist and Susan Niknami Kristian; Thor Jakobsen; Nicolai Kaarsen and Kristine Vasiljeva; Joakim Ruist
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