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Euroguidance Network’s Highlights of the Year 2015

The aim of this compilation is to present the Euroguidance network’s greatest achievements across Europe in 2015. The selected highlights from the individual Euroguidance Centres illustrate the rich spectrum of activities taken in more than 30 countries to promote international mobility and the European dimension in lifelong guidance.

Today guidance professionals have a key role in motivating youngsters and adults to embark on an international mobility experience. Therefore, the Euroguidance network is actively informing, advising and training guidance practitioners within education and employment sectors about learning opportunities abroad. Today’s guidance counsellors need to have an understanding of what international mobility entails and how they can be of assistance to those looking for opportunities outside of their own country.

This booklet will take the reader on a journey through the different corners of Europe and make the successful work of the national Euroguidance Centres better visible. All these thematically arranged actions described in this booklet targeting the European guidance community will hopefully inspire the reader to become more engaged in the international aspects of guidance and counselling.

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Mika Launikari (Finland), Dora Stefansdottir (Iceland), Mick Carey (the United Kingdom) & Monika Rajeckaitė (Lithuania)
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