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Education Guide for Adults: Organisation, frameworks and programmes at adult education centres (VUCs) and vocational training institutions

There is a heightened need for more unskilled adults to take training courses, because despite more young people opting for vocational training programmes, prognoses indicate that Denmark will have a low number of skilled workers in the future. In addition, we also need to maintain the interests of unskilled adults to obtain apprenticeships. This survey maps educational guidance offered at adult education centres (VUCs) and vocational institutions for unskilled adults and those with few qualifications.

There are many parties involved and each has a primary responsibility for carrying out guidance. This requires a substantial amount of coordination and widespread collaboration. The objective of this report is to discover how the institutions enhance guidance and consequently contribute to the development of policies within this field.

Therefore, we hope that this report can be used for future discussions on boosting educational guidance for adults, both centrally and locally at the institutions.

The survey was part of EVA’s plan of action for 2014 and was completed between November 2014 and September 2015. The Danish Evaluation Institute would like to thank all the educational institutions, guidance counsellors, staff at job centres and members of the public that contributed to the survey.

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