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Scotland invest in digital skills development

Scotland has unveiled plans to invest in digital skills development to help those who are out of work or on a low income better their job prospects. The new £1 million Digital Start Fund will provide specialist training and digital skills building to encourage more people to pursue digitally focused occupations. Skills Development Scotland will manage the fund.

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Kate Forbes, Digital Economy Minister, explained that the fund allows people who lack career opportunities the chance to build the kinds of skills that are most in demand right now. As technology is expected to become the fastest growing market in Scotland by 2024, tech skills are the most valuable for job seekers.

Neville Prentice, Service and Delivery Director of Skills Development Scotland, also emphasised the importance of building a digital skill set. He discussed the skills shortage and the need for employers to be able to recruit staff that support growth and innovation. The ultimate aim is to bridge the skills gap and continue to boost Scotland’s image as a global leader in the tech sector.

More information can be found here on the Digital World website. The webpage describes how learners can gain the support needed to thrive in a digital landscape, how skills development can boost earning power and lists several training providers.

Applications for funding must be made through appointed colleges and training providers.

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