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Shërbimet Shtetërore të Mbështetjes - Norway

Shërbimet Shtetërore të Mbështetjes - Norway

Kompetanse Norge


Skills Norway is a Norwegian goverment agency owned by the Norweguian Ministry of Education and Research. Our name in Norwegian is Kompetanse Norge. Skills Norway is the institution formerly known as Vox. The name change was implemented on Jan 1st 2017.

Our mission is to promote and develop national skills policy and demonstrate its importance for Norway's present and future. Contributing to excellency in the national skills policy is to contribute to a more inclusive society, to economic growth, a sustainable and competitive working life and a sound base for continued welfare.


Skills Norway is active in international cooperation and we are the Norwegian National Coordinator for the European Agenda for Adult Learning. We also act as the secretariat for the National Council for Tertiary Vocational Education (Nasjonalt fagskoleråd), and are the host institution for the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (Nordisk Nätverk för Vuxnas Lärande, NVL).

The European Basic Skills Network, EBSN (link is external), was established through the initiative of Vox in 2009, and is currently chaired by a member of the Skills Norway staff.






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