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We Would Like To Be Partners In KA2 Erasmus Project

Filluar nga | Postat în Mar, 12/04/2018 - 11:37

We would like to participate in a Ka2 Project. Our project team is very eager and ready to write and contribute a project. We have written a Ka1 Project before. We are experienced in writing and applying local projects.  

Germencik Public Education Center was founded in 1982. The organisation is an adult education center as a part of life long learning. At the education center, nearly 60 teachers work as staffed and temporarily employed. The courses are generally on arts, handicrafts, language teaching, modern and folkloric dances, information technologies, ... etc. 

As the organisaiton, we organize educational activities on the purpose of increasing the social, cultural and professional abilities of the indivuduals, invigarating the economy by the means of local handicrafts, increasing the tourism, and enriching the national and moral values. 

These educational activities are generally organized for adult learners; however, some educational activities are organized for young learners in accordance with requests, needs, and applications. 

Our education center is located in Germencik, Aydın. The city has nearly 13000 population totaly. The people of city are generally engaged in agriculture. Additionaly, the indivuduals in the city are disadvantageous owing to the fact that they are socially self- enclosed and they have limited educational opportunities. Accordingly, the purpose of our education center is to socialise them.

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