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Interview with Mr Michel Braquet, an e-learner in the process of completing his eBac in Luxembourg

In 2009, I decided to acquire my high school degree. I had obtained a vocational education degree in Brewing in Dortmund Germany and a Brew master degree in Ulm Germany. Nevertheless, I still had the desire to complete my high school degree because in the current job market I consider myself more employable with a high school degree.

I have currently completed the whole curriculum of the Luxembourgish eBac, and I am set up to take my final exam in June of 2017.

My experience during the eight years that I was an e-learner are very positive. I consider the e-teachers to be very outgoing and passionate about their job. They have gone way beyond in order to get us e-learners to understand the subject matters they taught. I appreciated the fact that in the eBac it is possible to be in-between two school years in different subjects. Comparing a traditional evening course with the eBac is impossible. I consider attending an evening course to be lost time. The real benefit of the eBac is the fact that as an e-learner you can do your studying when you feel like it. Moreover, I really enjoyed the fact that the courses were online as a whole and right from the beginning of the course. This enabled me to review the course as often as I wanted to. The most important thing I learned while attending the eBac was how to structure myself within my study process. I highly recommend the eBac to adult learners seeking to obtain their high school degree.

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