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The Course of Pruning Olive Tree

The courses of pruning the olive tree  are continuing at  Edremıt Publıc Educatıon Center

Why Olive Trees Are Being  Pruned?

In addition to the measures such as tillage, irrigation, fertilization and struggle to get quality and abundant crops in olive growing, it is necessary to make pruning every year. In the untreated trees, the crown is irregularly developed, branches are broken due to excess yield, small and poor quality fruits are formed, Pruning is the most important maintenance measure that must be taken to increase the profitability ratio in the fruit. Pruning, branching, branching, branching, branching, branching are the most important maintenance measures to be taken. And expanding or collapsing the branches' branches. This process is generally done for the following purposes;to ensure the balance between the root and the stem during planting,to give the trees the desired shape,to keep the shape given to the trees and to give the seeds given to the fruit trees,to balance fruit formation and shoot formation in the trees. Reduce the effect of the period. With a good crowning, it also lightens and ventilates the inner parts of the tree crown and takes fruit from these parts.

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