Glimpses from the EPALE Community Conference 2021: Otto Scharmer

Learning from the emerging future.
Otto Scharmer's Keynote Speech at the 2021 EPALE Community Conference!

By joining forces and cooperating at all levels, organisations and people are capable of challenging established ideas, practices or even their identities. This results in new ideas and solutions that can contribute to the environment and to the future. A prerequisite for establishing good presencing is the way in which we are able to listen. Therefore, the realization of future potential is completely dependent on all individuals together.

In his Keynote Speech at the EPALE Community Conference 2021, Otto Scharmer navigates through the enlightening concepts of his Theory U and the learning experience from the emerging future.

«We have to learn how to operate from our highest possible future, rather than being stuck in the patterns of past experiences.»

To deepen Scharmer's theories, we have recently published a comprehensive and inspiring EPALE interview.



Senior Lecturer at MIT, Otto Scharmer is an academic, thinker and activist. Creator of Theory U, he is one of the most innovative experts in change management. Awarded the Jamieson Prize for Teaching Excellence at MIT, the European Leonardo Corporate Learning Award and a member of the World Future Council. The United Nations Deputy Secretary-General appointed him to the UN Learning Advisory Council for the 2030 Agenda.

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