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The flipped classroom in adult education

On Wednesday 5 October 2016 EPALE invited participants from the 3 Belgian communities to celebrate World Teachers' Day at the Atomium in Brussels. Theme of the day was 'to connect with learning and teaching in the 21st century in the three Belgian communities and the EU. Here you can find more about this day.

Gaëlle Boulet - Formaform
Gaëlle Boulet was one of the presenters. Gaëlle is director of Formaform, a training center for professional trainers. Before she was advisor to the Minister of Education, in charge of the management of the relations between vocational training, teaching and the labour market. She was a project manager of the project “2013, the year of competences”, a project focusing on increased collaboration between vocational training and teaching.

Gaëlle Boulet explained the concept of  the ‘flipped classroom’ adapted to adult learners and she described the experiment conducted by FormaForm. Here you can find the slides of her presentation.


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