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Nordic Quality Compass on Validation of Prior learning – out now

Nordic Quality Compass


The Nordic Quality Compass is a toolbox for assessing validation practices, policies, procedures as well as competences of validation practitioners. 

This set of tools is for policy makers and developers of validation procedures as well as for practitioners (assessors, counsellors/advisers and coordinators), who are working with validation of prior learning. All the tools allow you to create and print a development plan as you go.


All the tools in a nutshell

Evaluation Tool for VPL Policies and Practices

Aim: evaluation (short term), monitoring (long term) of your VPL system and benchmarking between VPL systems

To whom: individuals developing validation systems and policies (e.g. educational authorities or policy makers) or carrying out benchmarking activities (either between sectors or even countries)


Evaluation Tool for VPL Procedures and Quality

Aim: quality assurance and development of QA mechanisms in different phases of validation

To whom: people responsible for quality assurance; managers; coordinators of validation practices


Self-Assessment Tools for VPL Assessors, Counsellors/advisors and Coordinators

Use: self-assessment according to processes that are typical for assessors, counsellors/advisors and coordinators in validation

To whom: assessors, guidance counsellors/advisors and coordinators working with validation of prior learning

The tools are currently available in English. Different language versions will follow in the future!

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