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Educating about the climate emergency - IFE Report No.133, March 2020

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Educating about the climate emergency - IFE Report No.133, March 2020

The first part examines this education from the perspective of climate literacy with a focus on energy literacy. What knowledge, attitudes and behaviours do students, citizens and teachers have regarding energy, and how do they relate to the carbon footprint? What do large-scale tests in schools reveal about this issue, and how do the different components of energy literacy work together?

The second part focuses on exploring how climate change is a socially live issue, involving a consideration of values. In particular, the issue of mitigation needs to be addressed, taking into account its philosophical and moral aspects. In this dominant consumerist context, climate change education is marked by uncertainties and requires the development of a critical mind through training on the media, questioning the relationship to the truth. Teacher training is therefore called upon to address these issues, through training in ethics, controversies, taking into account the political aspect of socially live issues and encouraging the integration of unstable, rapidly developing knowledge that can only be dealt with in an interdisciplinary framework.

The last part deals with the possibility of providing training in active eco-citizenship within institutions. This is the conclusion of several American literature reviews on climate change education, which is also found in the latest work of many French and Canadian environmental education researchers. Faced with the need to develop mitigation (limiting the effects of climate change) and adaptation skills, the report questions the reductionist approach of eco-gestures to look at the conditions for learning energy transition and resilience skills. This report raises the possibility of transformative and critical education.

To quote from this report: Gibert, Anne-Françoise (2020). Éduquer à l'urgence climatique (Educating about the climate emergency). IFE monitoring report, No.133, March. Lyon: ENS Lyon. 

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