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6 Mar

Diversity in the classroom: study-visit and course in 2 schools and resource centers in Camden, London

United Kingdom
Camden, London

'Diversity in the classroom': Study-visit in 2 schools and an autism-resource center in Camden, London: classroom visits and observations, dialogue with teachers, students and parents and reflection time with the focus on dealing with diversity (e.g. multilingualism, cultural diversity, diversity in learning), global citizenship and philosophy with children in the curriculum and collaboration between mainstream and special education.B&B (2 nights in single room) and lunch on Thursday and Friday and an Oyster card for one day travel are included in the price. Sharing a room will be at a lower cost. An additional night on Friday is possible upon request

Event Details
As planned
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Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen
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Diversity in the classroom: study-visit in 2 schools and resource centers in Ca…
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mobile: 0032486108958
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< 100
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Siete a organizácie zamerané na vzdelávanie dospelých
Qëllimet dhe objektivat
- will be able to compare the work of the UK-schools with their own context, get inspired and will explore possibilities to use.
- will analyse the vision and mission of the 2 schools and learn
- will observe in the classrooms and have conversations with the teachers and learn how the school cope with diversity
- will identify succes factors of the collaboration between mainstream and special education
- will make an action plan

Rezultatet e pritshme (të të nxënit)
More knowledge and competence on inclusion and diversity by observing, sharing, practicing.
Recognition / certification of participation
certificate of attendance
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