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Can I find partners for my projects?

EPALE offers a partner search facility to exchange ideas and create networking opportunities with individuals or organisations. Hundreds of organisations are registered in the Partner Search with thousands of monthly page views.

You might not know it yet, but you may be the ideal partner for someone else’s project. If you like the idea of getting involved in collaboration with your peers and adult learning colleagues, you can make yourself visible to others seeking partners. Just make sure you ‘opt in’ to be included in the Partner Search when you complete your profile. This means that when other EPALE members search the User Directory for potential partners, your profile will be included in the search results. 

You can also add your organisation details by completing this form. Once you have done this, you will be able to add a partner request. To find partners you are also able to browse through the partner requests already uploaded on the site. In order to contact potential partners, simply log in to EPALE.

As part of the EPALE Partner Search you can also request a Collaborative Space. This provides an area on EPALE for you to discuss potential project ideas, develop applications and share documents, without cluttering up your inbox. 

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