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Accredited organisation
Erasmus+ mobility activities (Key Action 1)
We are a state adult school in Valencia, Spain. We are an accredited centre and we are looking forward state schools similar than us for developing our project. Our students are people from all around the world and they have very few opportunities to get a better job. We tried to do that through formal and non formal education. You can see our last "Welcoming party" in October in this link: Or what we have done in a academic year at that other one: And this is our webpage: The school is located in a very attractive spot with outstanding weather and surrounding, including marvellous beaches and opportunities for outdoor sports and local cuisine. We seek European partnerships to exchange both teachers and students for short stays (one or two weeks). We require hosting institutions for teachers to take part in job shadowing.
Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership (Key Action 2)
Two partners needed -one with experience in entrepreneurship and tourism, with particular focus on rural areas (agrotourism) -one with skills in architecture, recycling, construction and sustainability
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