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Training Course: Strengthen Self - Entrepreneurship

Začel/a | Posted on Sre, 09/11/2019 - 13:04

The whole Europe since several years has been living an acute social and economic crisis. The widespread issue of unemployment invests in particular a generation of bright and creative young, full of enthusiasm, with high-level education but without any outcome in the labour market. For these reasons, Futuro Digitale, non-profit organization registered as work agency and fully involved in the field of youth entrepreneurship and vocational training, has decided to present "Architects of Own Destiny".

The project consists of a Training Course of 5 days (+ 2 travel) aimed to promote and strengthen the self-entrepreneurship in the social field, in order to let participants acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to develop and promote a business idea based on the analysis of the social environment in which they live and enhancing the value of their experiences, passions and skills.

The activity program has been structured in four phases:

At first, the participants will examine their passions, experience and expertise as well as the main characteristics of the social context in which they live. Then they will analyse the social sector and identify a social problem to be solved. Basing on their creativity, they will develop their own idea of social business to address the problem identified previously with a realistic solution. Finally, once defined their business idea, they will have to present, promote and demonstrate the feasibility of their social enterprise.


Overall objective: Stimulate the entrepreneurial initiative of the youth in the social field thus to contribute to their employment and increase the quality of life of the European citizens.


Specific objectives:


    • Promote the values of Social Entrepreneurship;
    • Stimulate the development of an entrepreneurial mindset;
    • Increase the creativity of the participants , in order to generate innovative business ideas;
    • Facilitate the exchange of business ideas among the participants ;
    • Support the achievement of sustainable social enterprises that meet the real needs;
    • Improve communication skills both linguistic and digital among participants


Dates: Arrival day:  2020 ; Departure day: 2020


Venues: Corigliano-Rossano  (Italy)

N° of Partners required: 6


Partner Profile: In order to present a successful project proposal we are looking for Partners involved in training projects, that deal with social activities; experience in any related fields is preferable.


Participants: 4 participants per partner aged between 18-30 years old.


The respect for gender equality will be ensured through an initial selection of participants: 50% women and 50% men.


Characteristics of the participants:


  • Youth workers, leaders, trainers involved in social, entrepreneurship and labor fields;
  • NEET youth with socio-geographical obstacles.



Working language: English


Selection Process:

If you are interested to be partner of this project, please send your application with your PIF form to within the 20/09/2019. Suitable partners will be quickly contacted and required to support the project development. Proposals of mutual collaboration will be positively evaluated.


Partnership Details
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Pet, 09/20/2019 - 01:00
Youth Workers, leaders, trainers involved in social, entrepeneurships and labor fields; NEET Youth with socio-geographical obstacles
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