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Interested in becoming a partner in KA2 projects or other EU projects

Začel/a | Posted on Tor, 09/03/2019 - 15:54

We're an organization from Zagreb, Croatia which helps refugees in their integration and inclusion in society in various aspects: informal education, employment, organizing events and meetings with local society, etc.

Besides various activities, at the moment we run three bigger projects.

One is a coding school “Coders without borders” for refugees. We run these courses twice a year and we'll start with a new one in October. We teach the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have teachers who are working in IT companies or freelance software developers so we're technologically strong. The second is a mentoring program “Get together” for young refugees which we started developing recently. The aim of this project is to connect refugees with local people from local society who'll become their mentors and help them deal with everyday problems. The third project will start this autumn (2019) and will cover the field of employment. We'll take a strategic approach to help refugees choose the best career for them and find a job which best suits their skills, knowledge and interests. We've been doing some of those activities for the last two years but now we're going to broaden the scope of activities. Until now, we’ve done only employment part which was successful since, through our organizational psychologist, we have a big base of employers in hospitality, tourism, IT and retail industry.

Focus of the association is on work with young refugees, aged 18-30, given that there are not many programs specially made for this group, as they face a number challenges, some related to the age, as many people of that group age also face it, and some a result of the fact that they are refugees in an unknown and new country. Members and volunteers of the associations have years of experience working with youth, especially young refugees.

We're interested in becoming a partner in KA2 project with organizations with whom we share similar interests. 

Partnership Details
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Tor, 09/15/2020 - 01:00
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