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Želite sodelovati z drugimi iz vse Evrope, vendar nimate še nobene določene zamisli?

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Dodajte svojo organizacijo v Iskanje partnerjev EPALE, da bi povečali svojo prepoznavnost in drugim dali vedeti, da se želite vključiti v vseevropsko sodelovanje.

Naj nasvet: da bi pomagali drugim, da vas najdejo, vpišite čim več podatkov o svoji organizaciji in vrstah dejavnosti, ki jih izvajate.

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Dodajte jo na seznam! Kliknite na spodnjo povezavo in dodajte svojo organizacijo!

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Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital is a multi-profile hospital that provides a full range of emergency and planned medical care, as well as pre- and post-diploma education, conducts scientific research and ensures the approbation and introduction of new treatment method...
Jelgava regional Correspondence school is an educational establishment formed by Jelgava regional Council which offers the acquisition of the basic and secondary education programmes, providing services to citizens of Jelgava region and other municipalities.
The Business Culture Connected was founded in 2020 in Riga, Latvia with office in Ningbo, China. The initial goal of the association was to focus its activities on promoting youth cooperation between the Baltic countries and China in the fields of business, culture, and formal a...
We are a group of professionals with 15+ years experience in project management, public administration, EU policies, education, youth work, elderly care and mental health. We are looking for opportunity to join a project and share our expertise.
The foundation Smart minds (Latvia) is a non-governmental organization which provides professional support for sectoral organizations, national organizations and European level organizations for improvement education, employment and work -related policies of Latvia and Europe, f...