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Adult ESOL pedagogy - a review of research, an annotated bibliography and recommendations for future research

This review covers research into the learning of English in classroom settings by adult speakers of other languages (ESOL). This report focuses on learners who need English for the UK workplace, for study in further and higher education and for living in the community. It was produced as part of NRDC's work in support of Skills for Life. 

A section on learners and learning is concerned with studies of the process of language learning, including factors such as age, aptitude, personality and motivation. A section on teachers, classrooms and tasks discusses research which investigates the relationships between teaching and learning, including the learning of language form and uptake. A section on ESOL literacy is concerned with research into the teaching and learning of the written language. A section on organisation of provision looks at issues of policy, intensity of provision, language support and work-place provision. There is a further section on research methods and a short section of assessment procedures. At the end of each of the first four sections, specific research issues which arise from the literature are identified.

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David Barton and Kathy Pitt, Literacy Research Centre, Lancaster University, (NRDC)
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