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Who trains in small and medium-sized enterprises

This publication is the final report on Cedefop’s study on in-company trainers in small and medium-sized enterprises.

More and more opportunities exist for adults to learn, including in work-based settings; enterprises provide training to ensure that they have all the skills and competences needed for competitiveness and growth. One out of five employees in SMEs is involved in facilitating learning of others while they are less likely to participate in training than their counterparts in large enterprises.

  • What is their role?
  • How many are they?
  • What qualifications and competences do they need and have?
  • What are their tasks and activities?
  • How do they update their competences?
  • How do their employers support them?
  • Are they aware of and do they benefit from publicly supported programmes?

Based on in-company trainers’ and employers’ responses from 254 SMEs, this publication provides some answers to these questions.

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