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"Design for change" online course - FutureLabAE project

Design for change online course
EAEA and FuturelabAE-project consortium are launching a new online course, Design for change. The course focuses on change-oriented adult education and how it can be used to manage the challenges of digitalisation in people’s lives, communities and the society in general.

The course highlights the concept of change oriented adult education and introduces change-oriented methods to address challenges caused by digitalisation.

During the course the learners will be provided with good practices and insights from trainers and other participants.

The course is structured in five modules:

·        What is change-oriented adult education?

·        Which digitalization challenges adult education providers are confronted with?

·        Change-oriented adult education and digitalization: practices, methods and tools.

·        Experiences with change-oriented adult education, lessons learned.

·        Open content/ bottom-up module.

Each module consists of a mix of live activities (such as webinars, podcasts, etc), resources, forum for discussion and self-study. As we value the community aspect, we invite all of our participants to exchange ideas and practices in the forum. The registrations for the first module are open! First webinar will be held on 29.4. at 14.00 – 15.00 CET. Find more information about the course on the FuturelabAE-website.

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eaea, futurelab, adult education, change-oriented, online course
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