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Online Entrepreneur Course (VET4MIGRE)

As an entrepreneur there is a lot to keep in mind when you are first starting out, especially in a new country. This course was created to help a migrant or refugee, make the best start. By the end of this course the entrepreneur should feel more confident about their start-up idea and the next steps in the process. It can be completed online at one's own pace and convenience. First, there is a how-to video for getting started. Then, there are 6 modules with text to read followed by activities, including the topics of: soft skills, creativity and innovation, business planning, marketing, e-business activities, and customer service. After completing the modules, there are some follow up questions and links to further useful resources. Finally, participants will get a confirmation of having completed the course.

The course is available in six (6) languages: Bulgarian, Danish, English, Greek, Italian, and Spanish.

Learn more about the VET4MIGRE initiative on our website or facebook page.


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Crossing Borders, Youth Europe Service, Panepistimio Thessalias, Mine Vaganti NGO, AGIFODENT, Narodno Chitalishte
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